Architects to design stylish shelters for cats in need in Los Angeles


Believe me, I am a cat lover, ask my wife.  We have four adult cats and seven new kittens, and they are a part of our family, and we love them.  But cat shelters?  I know there is a large population of abandoned cats and dogs in our cities and suburban areas.  I do not want to minimize the situation out there.  But society should try and solve the shelter needs of people first.  I live in a place, the Wind River Indian Reservation, in Central Wyoming, where there are hundreds of people, literally without a permanent home.  Many live on the streets, in motels, their vehicles, and mostly with extended family.  At one time, I had 17 people living in my home.  Resources should be raised and spent on people.  Once every person, families with children, veterans; has a home, then we can start to look at innovative ways to shelter cats and other discarded animals.  That is another topic for discussion, abandoned animals, especially on Indian Reservations….

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