Street Vendors = Entrepreneurs

People are doing what people do best in hard times.  They change.  They diversify.  They make lemonade out of lemons.  Many people are becoming small time entrepreneurs, and that is a sign of a vibrant and dynamic economy.  This story happens to be about some citizens in Los Angeles, but it really needs to be about why there is a lack of entrepreneurs on the various Indian reservations around the country.  I am not talking about those reservations that have lucky geography and are blessed with a Casino.  No, I am talking about the poorest of the poor places in this country.  The surest way out of poverty, is to be an entrepreneur.  You may not get riches being an entrepreneur, I am surely not rich, but you get control over your life, over your fate.  Instead of being beholden to the Federal Government or some Tribal Government, Native entrepreneurs can be the captain of their own ships.  This idea is not new.  I did not think of it.  But the one thing that I have noticed, is that the majority of the initiatives to help foster entrepreneurs on reservations are run by Tribal Governments.  This has been a mistake and will continue to be a mistake.  Tribal Government is not our friend.  Tribal Government hampers development.  Tribal communities need to band together and form their own Community Development Corporations, to foster community based entrepreneurs that will truly help our reservation based communities create jobs and wealth.  The story below is one example how people, no matter the circumstances, will survive, will adapt, or they will starve.

More Angelenos are becoming street vendors amid weak economy

More Angelenos are becoming street vendors amid weak economy

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