Alternatives to Public School Monopolies

Howard Fuller has the answer for Ferguson

Howard Fuller has the answer for Ferguson

Excellent article regarding alternatives to public school monopolies in poor places.  Although the article is references African Americans, you could replace African American for Native American, and it would fit our reality perfect.  We need alternatives to Government controlled schools.  This includes “public” school districts and Tribally controlled private Tribal or Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Schools located on our reservations.  Its not about the administrators, teachers, or even parents, its about the students.  Their well being should come first.  Government controlled schools on the reservation are failing our students.  The path our of poverty is through education.  Howard Fuller in the article states, “Education options in low income communities – charters, vouchers and tax credits for private schools – is the best hope for eliminating multigenerational poverty and the possibility of more tragedies like that of Michael Brown.”  He speaks the truth.  We need an “all the above” educational policy at the tribal and community level.  We need competition in education and educational outcomes.  If not, we continue to fail the current and future generations.

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